Jan 25: Gelato Making Masterclass - The Speakeasy Edition

Jan 25: Gelato Making Masterclass - The Speakeasy Edition

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Learn the steps of artisan gelato making! And help us make a batch of gelato!  

The Speakeasy Edition :: This gelato making class is also inspired by the art of fermentation.

We will explore some of our most complex gelato flavors, infused with oak, smoke, and all the nice aromas that liquors can bring. We'll discuss prohibition and we will experiment with some drinks, that take gelato to the next level.



A Gelato Making Adventure for Adults!

Our master-gelato-making-class offers a mix of demonstration, and hands on experience.

150 minutes

7:30 pm - 10:00 pm EST



Here is how the class breaks down:

  • 30% TASTING & SAVORIES  - Keep warm with aperitifs and a taste of local foods, as we set the stage for our gelato class.
  • 40% SCHOOL of SCIENCE - A mix of facts, trivia, & techniques with an opportunity to roll your sleeves and work in teams to make craft gelato from scratch
  • 30% SWEET SURPRISE - A blind tasting adventure, that will challenge your palates.