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FIRST SLICE - Sampler Pie

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A selection of the pies available for Thanksgiving orders. Try them all in one Sample Pie! Then choose your favorites to order for the big day. 

Add a few pints of gelato to determine your best pairings.

Let's get your taste buds going!

  • Classic Pumpkin (2 slices) - try with Bucket & Bay Vanilla or RedEye (coffee)
  • Bourbon Pecan (2 slices) - try with Black Label Vanilla (infused with Johnny Walker Black) 
  • Granny Smith Apple Crumble (1 slice) - try with Bucket & Bay Vanilla or RedEye (coffee)
  • Salted Chocolate Crackle (1 Slice) - try with Deep Dark Chocolate or Mint Chip
  • Very Berry (1slice) - try with Bucket & Bay Vanilla or Fuji Apple Cider Sorbet (vegan)

Available for Pickup only in Jersey City.

Only a limited number available every weekend.