Hoboken Girl Coffee Club

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Every Day Get a FREE Freshly Brewed Coffee.



One Monthly Fee, Buys you a CUP EVERY DAY!

We have partnered with www.HobokenGirl.com to launch our Coffee Club. Sign up now for the introductory offer and get 50% off when you use code HGIRL at checkout. This is a limited time offer for our premium coffee bar, so try it out now, and share with us what's your favorite!  (This is a limited time offer and we may cap it at some point)


BONUS IDEA: This is the perfect Christmas Stocking gift! :)


What's included? This is an opportunity to try all the drinks from our newly launched LATTE Bar! Let our Barista (and our La Marzocco) prep your drink!

EVERY DAY, you can choose from:

- Single origin, brewed to order coffee - Jen's favorite is Ethiopian, high elevation, fruity, freshly roasted by our local partners modcup coffee roasters!

- Cortado, Cappuccino, Latte, (also known as the espresso drinks, as they all start with a double-shot of modcup's Secret Affair espresso blend). BTW we are the only place in town that pairs a fresh roast with 100% grass-fed organic milk, it's divine! (If you are vegan, you can also get your choice of healthy Macadamia or Oat milk instead).

- Hot Chocolate - Classic of Mexican style, we make a special chocolate ganache in our kitchen (this is no store bought powder mix!) Try it and let us know! 

- Artisan Teas - Have you tried our Jasmine Pearls - hand-rolled jewels of tea from Fuding, in Fujian province, China OR our Black Tea flavored with Chestnuts?

- And yes, we have made a unique, calming, decaf, Chamomile Latte! A perfect night cap!

Our WINTER Schedule

Mon-Fri 12 Noon - 10 pm

Sat-Sun 8:30 am 10 pm