Who We Are

Gelato makers


I'm Jen, the owner and chief gelato maker at Bucket & Bay. Working with my husband, Boris, we have committed to creating a unique product, using the best ingredients possible - a product we love, a product we would love to serve our friends and family.

Why do we do this? Because, like many of you, I want my kids to look up to us and be proud that we have followed our dreams. I am also passionate about instilling in them a healthy relationship with food.  To care where it comes from.  To appreciate new flavors.  To be inquisitive.

You will note the Same passion in our open kitchen at Bucket & Bay, where we handcraft all our gelato right before your eyes.


That Bucket!

As a little girl, I got excited every time I saw that wooden bucket sitting in the middle of my grandparents' garage.  There, my grandfather, who was a butcher and cabinet builder by trade, was churning THE BEST vanilla ice cream I remember from my childhood.  And it is the inspiration behind my own small batch, handcrafted gelato!  I hope you will have a chance to try it very soon, right here on BAY Street.

The Gelato . . .

We are churning gelato from scratch, right in the middle of our wide open kitchen - so you can experience the alchemy! 

I'll be using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients - think grass-fed cows, farmers market produce, and fair trade chocolate.

Who We Are

Photographer: Tatsuro Nishimura