Pick your Dad’s Prohibition Gelato!

Father’s Day is coming! What does Dad want? How about his favorite Whiskey in gelato form?

Rules of the Quest:

1 - No mixed drinks. Just one straight up liquor.
2 - It doesn’t have to be a whiskey, but be specific.
3 - Nominations accepted until midnight EDT June 3, 2019.
4 - Nominations will be put up to a vote June 4 - 9 (look for the email!)
5 - TWO winning flavors will be announced on June 11: One selected by popular vote, one by the Bucket & Bay prohibition team experts.
6 - TWO AWARDS: Each winning nomination will get a half gallon tub of their winning flavor.
7 - In case of multiple submissions of the same flavor, the first one submitted will be the winner.