Small Batch, Made From Scratch! 
Artisan Gelato Made with 100% Grass Fed Milk.

Come experience our SLOWLY infused gelato flavors!


'Without ice cream there would be chaos and darkness."

- Champion runner and writer, Don Kardong

Gelato is a style of ice cream.  So it's the same . . . but different.


Why we LOVE gelato:

  • Creamier - Many people associate gelato with a creamier texture, but that is not because it has more fat (it actually has less)  -  rather, it feels creamier because it is denser (with less air whipped in) and it is served at a higher temperature (5-10F), allowing for a softer texture.
  • More flavorful - Served at a warmer temperature so that it won't freeze your taste buds, and without the extra fat to coat your tongue, gelato allows even the most delicate flavors to shine through. And if there is one thing that interests us, it is great flavors.


Welcome to Bucket & Bay Craft Glato Co, we are artisan gelato makers who make small batches of gelato following a unique seven step process (Learn How We Make Craft Gelato). We make our gelato, From Scratch. This allows us to source the best possible ingredients, such as 100% grass-fed milk delivered to us directly from our partnership with an Amish Cooperative (Learn How We Source).