Kunik MINI Button, Triple Cream, Goat/Cow 4 oz

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Kunik MINI Button, Triple Cream, Goat/Cow 4oz

Made on Nettle Meadow Farm is near the Adirondack mountains, this triple creme wheel combines goat's and Jersey cow's milk cream. The cows are reared on organically-grown grain and hay plus an assortment of herbs growing around this Warrensburg, N.Y. Farm.

These soft, bloomy rounds of cheese are buttery, tangy and tart at one. Kunik Buttons are perfect for topping a delicate leafy salad or arranged in a small pile on a cheese platter.

It won a Second Place finish at the 2019 U.S. Cheese Championships and a Good Food Award in 2018.  It was the 2010 Triple Crème Blue Ribbon Winner at the American Cheese Society’s annual North American Cheese Contest and a Gold Medal Winner at the 2016 World Cheese Championship and a gold medal winner at the New York State Fair in 2016.

(Photo Courtesy of Pattie Garrett)