Cheese Starter Culture

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Keep your fridge stocked with delicious fresh cheese!

  • MESOPHILIC (thrives at room temperature)
  • DIRECT-SET (easy to use)

Each bag contains

  • 4 packets of direct-set starter culture
  • 2 rennet tablets

Comes with 2 tablets of vegetable rennet (no animal product). Dilute 1/2 a table in 1/4 cup of water and use as liquid to set 2 gallons of milk.

Curious? Here is how you can make your own Colby Cheese - click here

Even easier is the Queso Fresco Recepie

The cheese cultures contain the probiotics that assist in proper curd formation, taste, texture, and aroma. From cheddar, colby, and monterey jack to feta, chevre, and more, you'll enjoy the flavor and variety of homemade cheeses made using this starter culture.

Makes several batches of fresh, natural cheese. Best used with 100% grass-fed milk
here are the ingredients you will need for most cheeses:
  • Direct-set mesophilic culture
  • Rennet
  • Cheese salt (non-ionized salt, as the ion interferes with cultures)
  • 100% grass-fed, low temperature pasturized milk.
Never made cheese before?
The most basic cheeses require only a few ingredients and tools. It is surprisingly forgiving, and most even failures are still edible. So enjoy!
Here are some videos to get you st
As you know Raw milk is great for making cheese as it gives it more flavor. While raw milk is not allowed for sale in NJ, the milk we use is low temperature, vat-pasteurized and maintains a lot of the taste and health qualities of raw milk. So give it a try!