Gelato Making Masterclass - Deep Dark Chocolate - Dec 14, 2018

Gelato Making Masterclass - Deep Dark Chocolate - Dec 14, 2018

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If you ever wondered what "Small Batch, Made from Scratch" means, now is the time to come in and make a batch with us.

Sign up for a Masterclass on DECEMBER 14!

You will explore the importance of ingredient selection - such of the benefit of using 100% grass-fed organic milk for gelato - and learn the steps of artisan gelato making!

Masterclass Theme: Raw Chocolate, Bean to Bar, Chocolate Wine Pairing, and of course, making our best-selling Deep Dark Chocolate gelato!


A Gelato Making Adventure for Adults!

Our master-gelato-making-class offers a mix of demonstration, and hands on experience.

150 minutes

7:30 pm - 10:00 pm EST

FRIDAY, Dec 14 

Here is how the class breaks down:

  • 30% TASTING & SAVORIES  -  A sampling of local foods, cider, and a lot of theory, as we set the stage for our gelato class.
  • 40% SCHOOL of SCIENCE - A mix of facts, trivia, & techniques with an opportunity to roll your sleeves and work in teams to make craft gelato from scratch
  • 30% SWEET SURPRISE - A blind tasting adventure, that will challenge your palates.



Due to the limited seating of our events and the amount of prep time that goes into the creation of our classes, our sales are all final.  We understand that schedule changes happen. We cannot offer refunds or re-schedules, but we would be happy if you would like to invite a friend to the class. Please email us with their name so that we can be prepared.