Your Gelato Makers

I am excited that you are reading this because (if you are) I feel we have a lot in common. I too always want to know: Who is in the kitchen? What is their story? What ingredients are they using? How do they do it?

I'm Jen, the owner and chief gelato maker at Bucket & Bay. Working with my husband, Boris, we have committed to creating a unique product, using the best ingredients possible - a product we love, a product we would love to serve our friends and family.

Why do we do this? Because, like many of you, I want my kids to look up to us and be proud that we have followed our dreams. I am also passionate about instilling in them a healthy relationship with food.  To care where it comes from.  To appreciate new flavors.  To be inquisitive.

You will note the Same passion in our open kitchen at Bucket & Bay, where we handcraft all our gelato right before your eyes.


Fresh Ideas. Meaningful Ingredients.

We make our gelato completely from scratch, which allows us to select the best ingredients available.

Our most important ingredient is of course the milk. After a long search, we established a relationship with a small farm cooperative - we use 100% Grass Fed milk that is healthier and gives us that unique clean fresh taste that we build upon for all our gelatos.

One of the Lineback cows that makes 100% grass fed milk at our farm

One of the Lineback cows that makes 100% grass fed milk at our farm

Help us Grow

I will admit, I am a bit scared. Opening a restaurant or a cafe is quite overwhelming and unpredictable. But you can help us make this a successful launch over the first 12 months. We will take all the help that we can get :)

Light at the end of the tunnel... (actually, this is just one of the lights on the terrace of Bucket & Bay)

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