Feb 14: Gelato Making -Valentine's Day Edition

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Feb 14: Gelato Making -Valentine's Day Edition

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Event Date: February 14, SUNDAY, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Location: 150 Bay Str, Jersey City

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Celebrate Valentine's Day while Making Gelato!

Yes, we will make your favorite Rose Latte Gelato. This is a mixed event...

30% TASTING & SAVORIES  - Keep warm with aperitifs and a taste of local foods, as we set the stage for our gelato class.

40% SCHOOL of SCIENCE - A mix of facts, trivia, & techniques with an opportunity to roll your sleeves and work in teams to make craft gelato from scratch

30% SWEET SURPRISE - A blind tasting adventure, that will challenge your palates.

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THE LAB @ Bucket & Bay donates 10% of workshop sales to Hudson County CASA. If you join us, you will be helping us with this great cause! Thank you.

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