That Bucket!

As a little girl, I got excited every time I saw that wooden bucket sitting in the middle of my grandparents' garage.  There, my grandfather, who was a butcher and cabinet builder by trade, was churning THE BEST vanilla ice cream I remember from my childhood.  And it is the inspiration behind my own small batch, handcrafted gelato!  I hope you will have a chance to try it very soon, right here on BAY Street.

The Gelato . . .

We are churning gelato from scratch, right in the middle of our wide open kitchen - so you can experience the alchemy! 

I'll be using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients - think grass-fed cows, farmers market produce, and fair trade chocolate.

Climbing with my brother at our grandparents lake house in Kansas

We'll even have a Garage Door!

Two actually.

The other one belongs to my neighbor @ 150 Bay:  Brian the Brewer.  He's going to have a tasting room that I'm really looking forward to checking out!  For now you can find out more about Brian and his beer at his website: